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What are they? How do I know if I lack them? If I lack them, how do I acquire them?

Edit: Asking a friend, he defined social skills as the ability to "fit in", whatever that means. Googling the term, I found social skills defined as the ability to listen, to build rapport, make people feel comfortable opening up to you, knowing how much to disclose about yourself, etc.

Apparently, SA is off-putting to other people because it puts them on edge. We seem to automatically mirror other people's emotions (to an extent), and if the person we're interacting with is nervous for whatever reason (i.e., SA) we feel nervous and put off. That kind of upsets me, though it does seem to be the truth.

Anyway, I do think that my social skills need some work. Talking to someone else, and telling her I wanted to get some experience working retail, she said "don't we develop communication skills in high school". To which I replied: "some of us are late bloomers". Not everyone develops at the same pace that society expects, and that's okay.

I guess the plan of attack is as follow: do more exposures, and battle the negative thoughts with reason. Hopefully this will lessen my anxiety and nervousness while in social situations. From there, I need to learn to build rapport with others.
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