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I am interested in the field of marketing and advertising and would like to pursure a related career in the future. I have been diagnosed with social anxiety , is it possible for me to work normally like other people? I know this area requires quite a lot of social skills, and the ideas like 'presenting my work to a client' or 'reporting my progress in a meeting' are extremely daunting... so I am wondering if it is even slightly possible for me to work in this field....

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the field

I do like your proposition.
I have built up a very deep desire to shout at people because recruiters - any bullying, mockery in life get me naturally spirited up a bit too much

... London Dungeon? Scary zombie people screaming at you with verve? Never been there.

I'd consider swinging a fundraising yellow plastic bucket in the street, supermarket... with not the kind eldery ooohh... sweeeetie
Maybe my aggressive approach to make kiddies run away

that's what everyone says about:
No description, explanation or example of what 'it' is. Just The Field of....

The toddler's perfect way to sell everything, whether it exists or not.

UP TO...... £1000,000,000,000,000,000 for free
= 0 or < 1 demanding that you invest £50,000 before you get the 'free' thing

Big adverts on old buses, trucks, big wood billboards or tractors in fields
when you drive past along the motorways with smiling faces to get you to buy things... cos the kids think it looks luuuuurverly. Daddy! Buy it! Farmer makes profits

Probably get some volunteer cheerleaders to do it in the daytime when traffic is busy.

Must be the world's easiest job. Make people buy pretty things. Put your megaphone right in people's ears; hopefully getting them to lower the windows when the traffic is static. Give 'em a zap gun treatment and get the wallet out of their pockets
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