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Hello All,

Social Anxiety is not a myth, but it's no island either.

What I mean by that is that anxiety is anxiety, whether it's social or not.

Anxiety, at it's purest level, is an emotional reaction.

We all know that...

But the key thing to keep in mind is that Social Anxiety is never alone in most people's brains.

Take a look at the Secondary Disorders section and you'll know what I mean.

Me personally, I have been a life long sufferer from all imaginable kinds of fears and obsessions:

-Social Anxiety
-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
-Panic Attacks
-Night terrors

you name it...

Hell, there are even disorders that I was suffering from that I don't even have a name for.

I was also an active member of this particular forum, for a couple of years (but of course under a fake username like many members.)

Anyways, I managed to get through it, and smash it completely.

And of course it's always easier said than done...

But generally.. here's what allowed me to make it to the safe side of society if you will:

- Fitness training (nothing intense...)
- Reading A LOT
- Focusing on it for years, not by choice but because of the emotional pain

Have a great day...:)

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Yeah, healthy thinking is one....getting the mind focused on more productive things, and PATIENCE helps with the mind part. Also, bouncing things off someone you can trust is key, too.

Exercise also helps!
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