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I feel so stupid. I called my gf last night, thinking, ok its Friday, we should do something together.

She says she's setting her hair, but whatever, she'll come. So we walk to the 'comedor' grab some bread and juice and start walking back.

She says : so you called me to talk, what do you want to talk about.

At this point, i was completely dumbstruck. I couldn't think of any clever conversation starters or anything.

We just ended up walking each other back to our dorms, and saying good night.

I feel so stupid.
I hope she doesn' start thinking me boring because of this.

The more experienced SAers were right. SA really does NOT disappear once you get a girlfriend.

Help ! I'm bad at idle conversation. If I tell my gf let's go out, unless there is something funny going on, i bite my tongue to think of something interesting to talk about.
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