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So what comes after college?

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Why are you disabled from most jobs? The anxiety?
I'm about to enter my 3rd year too. Except, my major basically guarantees a job when I graduate. However, in order to have any success at it, I cannot have social anxiety. So basically, it's crunch time for us to get rid of this!
I understand. I've always feared making mistakes, because my mom made it clear to me growing up that it wasn't okay to be imperfect (yes, now I see how stupid that is.) Anyway, the most effective thing for me was to go out and see people making mistakes. Guess what? They survived; they're still good people, and so am I. I got a job at a grocery store, and I was so shy and scared at first. Then I ended up becoming outgoing, assertive, and was promoted to a supervisor position. It's just that initial step of putting yourself out there that's difficult. It gets so much easier.

I recommend reading some self-help tips for anxiety as well. Learn what relaxes you. Also study interview tips. You'll need to know the kind of job you want, what you're qualified for, and what makes you a good candidate. Does your college have career services or offer academic advising? Seek out advice. The resources are there when you need them. I think often times we trick ourselves into thinking we're not ready for the "real world" when in fact we are. It takes some preparation though, and no it's not always easy. But I can promise you it's worth it. Just don't give up.
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After College? Any life you think you will have or have created, most probably some job you will get stuck in with people you could not care for, and most likely until death, work for 5 days live for 2, well hey that is why im trying to have a alternative lifestyle like make it into the music business, a way out of this social hell hole, like open my own business but people can get payed while actually having the most fun they will in life in the same day, a job is a job but its boring and some of them just :p damn but whatever just do what you dream
Yeah. I should have said that more clearly. I could work a lot of different jobs if I really tried, but the problem is that I'm so nervous about making a mistake that I usually end up making tons of them. I can't do any job that requires me to interact with a lot of people, customers especially. The only job I had that I was good at was school custodian during the summer. Most of the day I barely saw anybody, aside from the two custodians, but that was still only a summer job.
maybe your so anxiou around people because you dont put yourself out there. sometimes you juat have to put yourself out im only 15 so maybe i dont know what im talking about.:|
maybe your so anxiou around people because you dont put yourself out there. sometimes you juat have to put yourself out im only 15 so maybe i dont know what im talking about.:|
Yup =P


Hey, at least you're in University! There's plenty of chances to make new friends and stuff there. You can even make connections and find a nice secure job through the people you meet.

As far as nervousness goes - I use to be that way a lot with the first job I got. I learned to adopt the "Don't give a ****" attitude at work and it makes me come off as a very easy going coworker that everyone loves to talk to >_< But hey, its better then being that nervous wreck I was when I first joined.
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