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so much social stuff going on that you just go braindead.

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Instead of feeling extremely anxious when theres a lot of socializing going on around me and im not part of it, sometimes I just blank out and my nerves relax and its like everything is distant from me.. kinda weird. Does anyone else feel this sometimes?
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i think i know what feeling you're talking about and it is really un-nerving when i get it. i dont like feeling that disconnected from everyone for too long. even though i feel sorta like i dont care about what's going on i also have this intense feeling that i should care.
yea I often get this, feels like I go crazy
If there is a lot of socializing around me and I'm not a part of it, I would get very anxious since I'd feel left out. I certainly wouldn't feel relaxed.
happens to me sometimes too. I don't always get the completely detached and/or braindead feeling but I do my best to savor the times when my nerves are relaxed in a social situation.
I get over stimulation and my mind can't take it all in, this especially happens when talking in front of big crowds. Something that is not scripted, it becomes much more difficult to read and react, you have to be able to filter out all the distractions.
yeah I had that, it is very nice feelin, like being nostalgic, like you see something out of 3rd person view and it doesnt borther your at all, but donno if you mean something like that.
Sometimes I get so self-conscious that I feel like I'm totally losing it and my head starts to hurt, luckily that hasn't happened to me recently though. I never relax though, I kind of zone out sometimes to try to block out what's going on around me.
I'd be braindead if i ever went to one of those crappy nightclubs. I hate them so much. So many nasty people i have known that go to places like that.
"blanking out" is something that I have gotten pretty good at the last few years, and it's helped me do some things I didn't think I would be able to do. Of course, i'm just sorta passing by, and not really there....but I guess that's better than nothing.
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