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So here's the deal. If there's a girl alone at a club, she's probably wanting some action, one way or the other.

So if you see someone who seems interested in you at the club (by the way, if that girls looking at you, she's definitely interested. If she wasn't interested, she'd be too occupied with either her girlfriends or partner to spare a glance at anyone else. And if she's alone on the dance floor; then take the chance. she probably feels lame.) just ask.

By the way, if she's on the dance floor, she's there so she can dance with other people. As long as you don't start kneading her butt as soon you step near her, she probably isn't going to stop you from dancing with her.

If they say no, so what? no one else is probably looking. or cares for that matter. other guys get rejected all the time, so no one's going to single you out as the only guy who was said no to.

If the girl does say no, just make it suave, and say something that can help you deal with having been rejected. like, tell her that you feel embarrassed in a kidding kind of way, give a "i'll see you around" and move on. there's tons of fish in the pond. The likely hood that none of them will want to dance with you is absolute zero.

and do know that not every college student goes clubbing, and easily meets with strangers and can strike up a conversation just like that. If your going clubbing just for the sake of saying "i've gone clubbing", maybe you should try something else. Like, taking a girl you already know, and are comfortable with out, for a dance with a couple of friends. Going clubbing doesn't always imply having to chat up strangers.
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