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Hello Everyone,

My name is Nick, i'm an 18 year old student Architecture. I've had SAD for quite some years now, and it seems i will have it for quite some years to come :( ... I have never been "officially" diagnosed with SAD, since I've never told anyone other than you guys about it.

Life hasn't exactly been fun lately. My social life is pretty much dead, my relationship with my parents and relatives worsening by the day, and i haven't had a girlfriend in 3 years now. My SAD controls a great deal of my life. Especially school is suffering from it. Presentations and public speaking are an utter disaster, and part of my education is working in project-groups, which is really hard to do for me... Also, i suffer from depression every now and then, as a result of SAD.

I'm getting a bit negative, so i'll wrap this up. The reason i joined was mostly to "vent", and discuss these things with people who understand. I must admit; i was a bit anxious about registering on this forum: "what if anyone finds out?", but i guess that comes with SAD. I'm sure that thought will change soon.

Anyways, i'm really hoping to hear from you guys, and if you want to know anything else, just post here, i'll be checking this topic daily..

that's all ;)

(ps. Sorry for my nickname, but i always use "stalker" for forum's and internet-stuff, and i couldn't think of anything else. I don't really stalk people,,, that much,,, )

(pps. My english isn't exactly "sublime", so please forgive poor grammar and stuff)
Good to have you around!
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