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This is really long and I apologise -
I started a new job at a large government institution as a member of admin staff last year. It took four days for me to get a password to access the computer network - I have since noticed that ******* passwords turn up before they even start in the department but I won't talk about the double standard.

I have very little work to do, what I do have to do is menial and very little skill is required - photocopying, filing, putting post in pigeon holes etc. I do occassionally book the odd hotel room but that is only about once a month or so. The job description made the job sound semi skilled - it is but the othe new person got most of the skilled work. Most of the time is sat twiddling my thumbs. I complained to family and friends about this and was told that I shouldn't worry about this and read a book or something, I was reluctant to do this.

At first I would ask for something to do, then I would be told I haven't got anything for you to do raeble go and ask such and such. I would receive the same response from the person I was told to ask, so I started emailing one of them asking for work. This person gave me work then eventually told me that one of the others was supposed to be supervising me and I should address my requests to all of them. I started to do this - asking specifically for work for the day - I would get five minutes of photocopying from one of them and perhaps an hour of filing and copying from another, but nothing from the supervisor.

One of them told me that they would be taking some work which takes about a day or so to do from the other admin and give it to me. I got told this in february and it took until July for me to get this work, despite the person who did leaving in March.

I also had a meeting with the line manager who had been talking to the others about my performance - where I was forced to defend some things that I had done wrong some of which were down to lack of explaination on their part - there was a complaint about me reading a book at work - I had to tell the line manager that I had asked for work and I hadn't been given anything what was I expected to do? (Besides if you saw someone you were supposed to be supervising reading a book during work time wouldn't you tell them to stop? I didn't say this because it would have probably come out wrong) We then had a meeting with the supervisor included, where they stated that the communication was going to improve and I was going to be given some finance work.

It took a couple more months following the meeting until I was given the Finance work - July. And there really isn't that much finance work - you do a print out of all the accounts one a quarter. Order stationary once a week, and verify invoices before sending them to the finance department - perhaps one invoice a week. I used to work in a finance department, so I know how to do this stuff, so I don't see why it took them so long to do anything.

I was doing two jobs while they replaced the other person who had left, I still ran out of things to do. I finally in desperation complained to the Union who pointed me in the direction of Personnel. They don't seem to care, the person I saw has not got back to me. The union did tell me to chase her up but whats the point?

I am still sitting around twiddling my thumbs for a large portion of the time. After several months I have got tired of asking. I don't see why I should. I'll admit I am also quite shy which doesn't help things - I find it difficult to ask for things face to face, I fell like I am harrassing people to get something to do. I shouldn't be feeling like this.

I have been promised more work, but I've been here for almost a year now and I've seen how long it takes them to do things, I doubt I'll see this work for a few months at least.

I am so emotional since I started this job, I had to go and see the doctor for depression. I stopped taking the pills because they were making me lathargic and lazy. I should leave but I don't want this hanging over my head unresolved and I can't afford to leave anyway. I really shouldn't have taken this job. If I leave I feel like I'm a failure. I feel like I'm giving up. I'm not a quitter but I honestly don't care anymore.

Today I phoned in sick because I couldn't be bothered to face another day this week with nothing to do - that and I've started to get headaches, dizzyness and nausea when at work or thinking about work. There wasn't anything wrong with me exactly, I could have gone to work but I just couldn't be bothered. I'm thinking I should quit before I do something really bad because I no longer care. Except somewhere deep inside quitting fees like giving up. My head is so screwed up.
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