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Here is something I wrote for my creative writing class. We had to write a story from some newspaper headline and I started thinking of all those cop shows and this one kid is always talking about "the cool kids." So this is what I ended up with. It's perfectly rediculous or um, stupid, but that's pretty much what I was going for. :)

It was Saturday night, the buildings zipping by as Garrett drove down the dark street. Having just bought some drugs, he was looking for a place to stop. He hadn't gotten high for a few days so he was feeling just a bit desparate. Finally, unable to wait any longer, he parked on a curb, hurriedly searching for his drugs which had slipped in between the seats. He was doubled over, his arm ledged in between the seat cushions when the ominous blue and red lights flashed into his window.

Coming out of the movie theater, the four men were filled with laughter.
"Ha, ha! What a scary movie!"
"Oh my gosh, Joe! The origional was so much better!"
"Come on guys, we better get back on the road before we get in trouble."
"Oh, George, you are such a looser! At least you can't tattle-tale on us this time, because I'll tell on you too! Hey, want to go to my house? We can have a sleepover!"
"Yeah, we can stay up all night and play video games! Ted, do you have the new Final Fantasy?"
"Yeah, I just got it! It is so totally awesome!"
"Guys, come on! We have to do our police job! We're already going to be up all night!"
"Geez man! George, why can't you ever just go along with the crowd? You always have to ruin things for us!"
"Joe, I went to 'The Grudge' with y'all. I even bought everyone popcorn! What more do you expect?"
When the four men finally got on the road, George was feeling quite vexed. He could see the agitation in his partner's eyes as well.
"George," Harley said. "Why do we have to do things with Joe and Ted all the time? I don't have any fun."
"Harley," George responded. "They are the cool cops. We have to hang out with them if we ever want to be one of the cool cops."
"I don't know," Harley answered dejectedly. "I doubt I'll ever be able to fit in with them."
"Harley! I don't want to hear you say that again! I promise you, as long as we keep hanging out with them and go along with everything they say we're eventually going to be one of the cool cops too!"
"I don't know, George," Harley said again. "I mean, you didn't agree with everything. What about the sleepover?"
"Oh, Harley," they were just a little carried away, that's all. Don't worry, you'll be one of us soon enough."
"One of you? Since when --- "
"Oh my god! What is that car doing there!?"
Ted and Joe's car had also come to rest near the suspicious vehicle.
"Uh-oh. What if there's a ghost in it? Like the white woman?"
"No, it's just a guy."
"Hey, George! I'll show them that I can be cool too! Watch this!"
"Harley, no!" George called out, but Harley had already climbed out of the window. He was now pulling himself up onto the top of the car.
"Look at me!" Harley called out from the roof.
"Hey, Joe. Look at that."
"What is that dork doing on top of the car?"
George could only cringe as he adjusted the mirror to see Harley standing on top of the vehicle, his eyes wide with excitement and anticipation. It appeared as though he was racking his brain for something to do now that he had drawn everyone's attention.
"Harley, that's not the way to be cool," George muttered from within the car. "What are you doing?"
George's eyes suddenly widened in a mixture of fear and admiration for what he saw in the mirror.
"Woa! Harley really is cool!" Joe exclaimed.
"Did you see what he just did?!"
"He just bit his thumb at that guy! He must be a cool cop just like us!"
"Did you just bite your thumb at me?!" the man thundered from the car ahead.
"Bite my thumb at you?" Harley questioned in mock surprise. "I did bit my thumb, but that was for my own amusement, rest assured."
George didn't care how he looked, his mouth hanging open in a stupid expression of shock; he could hardly trust his ears at the audacious words coming from Harley's mouth. As much as he hung back, Harley was in fact as cool as anyone. At that moment the sound of an engine roaring came to George's ears. Before he could think a moment further his car was being slammed into. He watched in horror as the body of his friend was thrown from the roof, crashing into the fence ahead.
"Harleeey!!!" George screamed.
"You *******!" Joe screamed, leaping from the car, closely followed by Ted.
"Alright sir. You're under arrest!"
Joe and Ted pulled the man out of the car, hastily handcuffing him, Ted reading him his rights.
"What you talkin' about! He done bit his thumb at me!" Garrett yelled in anger.
"Harley! Harley! Please tell me you're okay!" George hovered over his friend. He could see blood seeping through Harley's shirt, a red pool forming under him.
"Don't worry," Harley said in a raspy voice. I'll be fine."
"Harley, how bad is it; do you know?"
"Ah, it's nothing to worry about. It is not so deep as a well. I shall be fine."
"Oh, Harley! You don't have to be cool now! I'm so sorry! It's my fault that you did this!"
"George, it's okay. I was cool, wasn't I? I'm a cool cop now."
"Oh, Harley."
"Now George, you just keep being one of the cool cops and give'em hell. Give'em hell."
With that Harley closed his eyes, his body growing limp on the cold pavement.
George, his eyes mad with rage, clambored to Joe and Ted's car where Garret was handcuffed. Pulling the trigger, George sent a bullet through the man's head.
"Self defense," he said softly.
Ted and Joe, seeing Harley's listless form on the ground, nodded in acknowledgement.

It turned out, upon later inspection, that Harley's wound had been less fatal than anticipated, the paramedics being able to dislodge the chunk of metal from his body. Harley came back to the force with pride. He was a cool cop and all of the other cops looked to him with admiration. He had bitten his thumb at a man... he was afraid of nothing. Because of his actions a man had died. But it was worth it. The man was a druggie and had the brains of a hamster. No one would miss him, though he would surely be remembered by Harley as the man who made him one of the cool cops. Harley knew that he would go to hell for the man he had become, but it was worth it, it was worth it.
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