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I have been actively working on setting goals the past few years and following through usually. :yes It's true that you have to take tiny, baby steps because the goal gets closer with each step and it doesn't seem so monumental a task as you move further towards the end/completion. When each step is completed successfully you feel more and more confident that you will see it through to the end. My goals don't usually DON'T involve other people because they are ALWAYS a failure. :| To another person they don't see what I see, in my head. My plans make sense to me but not to others. I guess I am a visionary in that respect.

When you hit a brick wall along the way you have to incorporate "Lateral Thinking". I am VERY good at that. Finding ways to achieve something when your path is blocked. Finding a way around an obstacle. And if other people are involved there will ALWAYS be an obstacle. Not just the ones that naturally occur but the ones other people throw in the way with their negativity.

I have found there is always more that one solution to a problem and if you give it enough thought you can usually find a way.
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