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Hi everyone, I found this site while looking up my symptoms for pms. I don't have 'social anxiety'. I'm 24 years old btw. I'm not a shy person. However, every 2 weeks out of a month before my period, I suffer with severe PMS symptoms...which includes anxiety and nervousness. I am suffering so much with are my symptoms:

mental symptoms
-suspicious of people-I think everyone "hates" me,and they think I'm a weak person.

- Anxiety/nervous-I feel like my voice is shakey when I speak. I don't feel confident when I'm talking to people...even though everyone tells me I sound "normal". I keep thinking they are reading my mind.

-sadness/hopeless- I feel sad about my above symptoms. I feel sorry about what I'm going through.

-crying easily- I cry if someone says something to me...the smallest thing I find hurtful.

-angry/temper- I snap at people at times, I try to seek a person to fight with. Everything annoys me. I want to spit at someone who says something I don't like.

-mood swings. I get all the above symptoms continuously changing. Sometimes I get super happy...then back to the above horrible symptoms.

Physical Symptoms:

-cravings -I eat alot

- cramps


What should I do? I pray to God to help me with this, I don't think anyone should live this way. I truly have empathy for people in this forum who are going through mental issues such as social anxiety. I have PMS, and I don't want to take anti-depressants for this because they tend to be addictive? Does anyone out there feel this, and what do you do? I'm worried about my relationships with my family and my very few friends that I have, and my job. I wish I had someone to talk to about this a psychiatrist, but I don't have time to see one!! What should I do?

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You can get anxiety from pms yeah. I have some sort of anxiety all the time but at that time of the month it's completely through the roof. I'd like to know what to tell you but it's something I'm trying to, and everyone here's trying to deal with too. Medication and therapy, they're the only routes I know but not taken either. I'm trying to force myself to see a therapist to just TRY to see a therapist. I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Can I just ask, is it deffinately just at that time of the month or just much worse then? And can you not make time to see a professional?

The symptoms you said are obviously normal pms symptoms but it seems it's effecting you too much which makes it a problem. My anxiety is so bad when I'm pmsing it's easier to just not be around people. When I try and talk I get all shaky and tension in my mouth that I can't relax. It is noticably more apparent at that time.

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I always have anxiety and depression, quite unfortunately, but I do also have PMDD. I know exactly how your symptoms are. It sucks! I'd suggest going to see your doctor. I don't think anti-depressants are addictive..

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Hello Shimmer, and welcome. I've heard of women getting mentally ill arter having a baby - severe depression and psychosis, so I guess our hormones sometimes have a really horrible effect. Are you using a hormonal method of birth control? If not, taking some form of the Pill may help to even out your hormones, even if you don't need it for birth control. It doesn't suit everyone, I think you just have to try it and see.

Have you spoken to your doctor? Why do you not have time to see a psychiatrist? Most people just have to make time, if they really need to see someone.
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