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Hi Everyone!

First, I want to thank the folks that operate this site
for the happy birthday wishes that I received in my
email inbox a few days ago... That was nice!

I also want to mention that recently I purchased
an audio series about personal development, and
found the audios so good, that I went back to the
source, and purchased the "permission" to resell them.

If you like, you can listen to a short sample, from the
full 3 1/5 hour series here:
(from the "focus" program).

The creator of the audios suggested a $29.97 price for
the series, but because I think they are really good, and
also because I wanted to give back to the "community",
as it were, I'm offering them for just $9.00. All the details
about what are in the audios are on the page at the site.

Moderator, if this is not appropriate here, please remove.

Be Well!
ECS Dave
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