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Self-esteem Test

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I found this on

Self-Esteem Assessment

Directions: Answer true or false

1. I am able to discuss my good points, skills, abilities, achievements, and successes with others.
2. I assert myself with someone whom I believe is violating or ignoring my rights.
3. I am content with who I am, how I act, and what I do in life.
4. I am not bothered by feelings of insecurity or anxiety when I meet people for the first time.
5. My life is balanced between work, family life, social life, recreation/leisure, and spiritual life.
6. I am aware of the roles I played in my family of origin and have usually been able to make these behavior patterns work for me in my current life.
7. I am bonded with the significant others in my environment at home, work, school, at play, or in the community.
8. I am able to perform the developmental tasks necessary to ensure my ongoing healthy self-esteem.
9. I am satisfied with my level of achievement at school, work, home, and in the community.
10. I am a good problem solver; my thinking is not clouded by irrational beliefs or fears.
11. I am willing to experience conflict, if necessary to protect my rights.

If you answered false for three or more of the preceding questions, you probably need to work at increasing your self-esteem.
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