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In social situations, I seem to put in the effort at first, and then discouraged somewhere along the way. I start to feel more and more ****ty and more and more paranoid. to the point where i feel like i need to burst out in tears. but in that situation, i can't burst into tears, because its, most of the time, not appropriate.

its just... when your so paranoid and insecure about being social, it always feels like a battle to talk to others. And then somewhere along the way my fire is completely out. and i have no energy and no motivation and no happiness. and i feel like i need to get away... but it never solves anything!

how do i keep my confidence up at all times? how do i avoid being stuck in my own head, feeling like i can't get out? i just wanna be able to relax and enjoy conversation and interaction with others.

whats the secret? i wanna feel good about myself and adequate to the other human species surrounding me. why must i feel so week and unmotivated? why must i always sit on the sidelines waiting to be happy, waiting for my life to begin. i'm sick of it.

i need major help. i just don't know who/what to turn to.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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