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Hey all!
So. I have been fighting with social anxiety many years, withOUT any significant resultates.
First I was on alcohol or other medication/narcotic (like marihuana, amphetamines, opiates, benzos and others).
Offcors it isnt the way to go, so someday I off everything include alcohol and began tianeptine therapy. It helps some, but not so much I expected.
2 years on tianeptine just teach me how to think positively and let me be with people and social situation some easier (sorry for my english, I know it isnt excellent).
Next step was to try sertraline, when I off tianeptine, this was big mistake, sertraline made me act like zombie - 4 months and the depression and phobia socialis increase again.
So I off sertraline and back to tianeptine.
Now I`m slowly withdrawlling from sertraline and get better each day with tianeptine.
Offcors tianeptine is great med, and it helps with social phobia (much better that setraline), it helps also with depression.
But not so much as I want this is first thing. Second thing is that it not give me energy, some motivation to wake up in the moring and just LIVE and go out. :no
I still going out only when I have to, but I need to go out, to meet people, to talk with them, to live like another people. You know about I`m talkin.
The only thing that helps me on 100% my problem, it was street metamphetamine. I have to mention, that in my country there is no meds like adderal, we DO NOT HAVE any meditication that are based on amphetamines to deal with depression and other.
I CAN`T get modafinil or methylphenidate (it is only for special script - I cant get it).
So I think that I can try SELEGILINE with TIANEPTINE :idea.
I`m on tianeptine right now only.
After 3-7 days I will go to my doctor and he will give me seligiline, so it is good idea to deal with it, to add seliginine + tianeptine.
Offcors I know that in this case I cant take more than 10 mg of it (because I dont want MAO-A propeties and interactions).
So. How do you think, if this combination give me more energy and make me more sociable and make my fear go away? :roll
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