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Okay I really apologize for making a thread dedicated to one simple question but this has been bugging me for over a year now and I just have to ask. I've had this movie in my mind that I saw years ago for ages now and I just need to know the name of it.

In the movie, there was a family in which the father had died, that went searching for a new home and they decided on an old shack and they immediately moved in and renovated it. At one point, the oldest son got his gym shirt turned pink as I believe one of his younger sisters left a pink crayon in the washing machine with the shirt. Also, one of the young boys fell of one of the high windows while painting or something and the oldest brother had to carry him to the hospital. Also, the mother was being abused by some guy named Norman and nailed her dead husbands belt to a tree and then the son went to a bowling alley in search of Norman and they got into a fight which ended in the son taking a punch to the gut and being laid out in the bathroom. Any help would be greatly appreciated as no one else seems to know the movie i am thinking of.
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