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Is this game multi-player? What kind of build are you doing this time?
It's single-player. My build is mostly focused on assault rifle strength, health, and cold-blooded, mostly for the smart-*** conversation options. Beyond increasing engineering to the point of being able to do crafting, I've mostly gone for a build that's similar to Johnny Silverhand's (Keanu Reeve's character), except instead of being good with pistols, I'm going for assault rifles. There are a lot of different approaches to combat, and I just found playing as Keanu's Reeves character more fun than how I was role-playing. I may switch over to pistols instead of assault rifles, which is easier to do because of the way leveling up works and the option provided to reallocate perk points into the skill trees. I just think the shooting combat is more fun than the stealth, hacking, and melee combat in this game.
1 - 10 of 1135 Posts