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for 'living in darkness', he posts from time to time here. He's evacuating his home in Texas because of Hurricane Rita. He's actually become a friend of mine, just by us communicating to one another through private messaging here he's shared his wisdom and experiences of coping with social anxiety, alcohol and drug addiction, advice on women etc. He's like the big brother that I never had. I'm actually overwhelmed that he's in a perilous sitation. Sorry to be irrelevant here and all, I don't even think this message is fit for this board, but I thought some of you might like to know. My last message from him which was today:

living in darkness said:
I'm going to probably evacuate either late tonight or tomorrow morning. We are looking at widespread flooding and wind damage. Plus if the storm moves a little to the east we will take a direct hit. I'll be staying with relatives, but I won't be able to get that far away from the storm. I'm terrified to tell you the truth. It's such a powerless feeling. The wind is already picking up here and the sky is turning black. It's an omnimous feeling. This place that I love so much could be destroyed. Oh God, I'm about to start crying again. This is a nightmare. I can't describe it. I guess you have to live down here to really know what I mean but things are just about chaos right now. Over two million people on the road fleeing Houston and we're running out of gasoline. It's scary, man. Scary. Sorry to rambe, I just wanted to write you before I left. We may be out of power for days, weeks, God forbid maybe even months if we take a direct hit. Wish me the best man, and I'll talk to you when I can. Oh, and smoke a bowl for me and talk to some chicks for me :) My nerves are too bad for either one :) Later.
Godspeed to you, living in darkness...
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