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If God exists, he has a different view on suffering/death than we do.
When children die, or anyone dies, even tragically, it's only a sad experience for their loved ones left is only the body of the child that dies(again, assuming God/heaven exist).
So to say God is either incapable of saving those children, or just doesn't care, is wrong.
There is purpose to suffering. God is not a genie in a bottle, who says "yes" to your prayers. A lot of the time, the answer is simply "no", and you won't know why until it's over.
Then no one knows the mysterious works of God's doing like letting children die and starve for instance? Is he trying to save them or help them by doing this? Maybe he wants them to go to heaven without accumulating too many sins and thus they die young without intervention to save their souls from damnation? If God does exist it would appear as if he has abandoned humanity. I don't think people who were never educated or fortunate enough to be born in a non-christian part of the world deserve to NOT get the "word of God" then be ignored to suffer to death and then go to hell for their beliefs is righteous. God should intervene to somehow allow these people a chance if he exists, which there is NO EVIDENCE he does so your imagining a man in the sky much like children imagine flying reindeer because they were told so. I don't buy the "I'll know when it's over" stuff. I do appreciate your input on this though.

EDIT* while this part of the forum says it's not for debate I wish it was for this reason. I do understand the rules now though
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