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I feel like crap right now, because I was just taken advantage of by who I think was a scam artist. This girl who looked like a college student knocked on my front door, and she was telling me about how she's part of an organization dedicated in preventing mountain tops from being blown up for coal. I'm very environmentally conscious, so I offered to sign the petition she handed me. I put down my name, phone number, and address.

Then she started asking me for money. I asked her if I could mail it to her, and she said that she couldn't do that, but she could accept a check. I was getting frustrated, because my anxiety was kicking in, and I didn't know how to say no. I had already put my name, number, and address down, and it wasn't like I could back out now.

In the end, I gave her a dollar's worth in change and was like, 'that's all I can donate right now.' She handed me something else to sign, and I said I wasn't interested after all, so she left.

The issue now is that my phone number, name, and address are now in the hands of god knows who. I put down my cell #, so I'll probably get flooded with calls now. And I feel violated, because I'm not sure if I donated to a real organization, or if they're just going to take my dollar and get a soda or something.

From now on, I'm not going to sign up for anything other than for girl scout cookies. :no
You only gave her a dollar and change and your mad?
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