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Hi everyone,
Been almost 2 years since my first and only log in. I notice that I often sacrifice experiences and relationships in order to feel a sense of control over a given situation ( whole life?).
Example: I don't have people over because I may decide suddenly that I no longer want them in my midst. People are also demanding and can be unpredictable, and I usually worry that I am too dull anyway to entertain someone for any length of time, so with my special reasoning, I think to myself that I'm actually doing them a favor, since they will only ever be disappointed anyway, and doing myself a favor for not creating a situation that I have to then deal with.
Another example: I don't go to or have parties because I have nothing to say to people. I hate answering questions as innocent as "So what have you been up to?" because of this hate, I avoid these types of interactions most of the time.
I'm also not very sparing with my words, and can be pretty impersonal and callous when dealing with people, be them best friends, family or total strangers. If I ever find myself in a crowd, I make sure I find a distraction, find somewhere to read or nap, or go and hang out with the dog or cat.

More: After five yaears of being together, and much talk of various types and sizes of weddings, weighing infinite possible scenarios for my one and only wedding, I decided for no guests, no reception, no nothing, not even an announcement. We went to Vegas for one night, and have still not been on a honeymoon.
In fact, my father and step mother and boss still have no clue I am married, and have been for over a year.

Any other control freaks in here?
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