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Sometimes I wish I could seperate what's good about me, from what's bad about me.. I think a lot of people feel this way..


She clasps her hands around the sun,
And keeps its radiance from my eyes.
She tells me no one sees your flaws in the dark,
But I fail to see that goes for beauty too,
And opt to wrap myself in lies.

She covers my face in paint,
And shrouds my body in layers of black.
She warns of the dangers in every adventure,
That death awaits me just outside the door
And that if I leave, I will never get back.

"The world is full of wolves," she cries,
And squeezes my aching weary heart;
"Whom only seek to take what you have.
They watch you and see that you are weak,
And can't wait to tear you apart".

She was born of darker days,
Summoned by clouded memory
She's made her home inside my soul,
And I cannot make this girl let go
Because the girl is me.

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This is one of the best poems I read about SA. I know just what it's about - I have a same kind of saboteur inside me too, and inside mostly everyone who has SA who reads this board, I imagine.
You tagged your own saboteur very eloquently, almost, but not quite, putting her in her place. Bravo.

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This is an excellent poem. It is a very pure form of self-expression and I think all of us SA'ers can relate to it. I feel like I have two distinct sides to me too; the girl who is strong, outgoing, expressive, and capable, and the one who holds her back from experiencing life.
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