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Psychologists and so-called experts tell us that it's our thinking that is unrealistic and that Social Anxiety is an extreme way of relating to ourself, others and our world. We all pretty much know this. Deep inside we know there is nothing to fear. Yet familiarity and bad mental habits get the better of us from time to time, we know this aswell, right?

Something that consistently reminds me, when i feel anxious, is the very fact that what i am experiencing in those anxious moments/s is apparently true right now, the sensations, the 'anxious blood', the shaking and so on, this cannot be denied. All these things are in FACT based on a lie. A non truth. Emanating from my centre, pulsating a surge of energy that feels so real and so monumental, it simply cannot be ignored by my ordinary thinking consciousness which 'knows' rationally that it is silly to feel like this.

On the surface it's easy to overcome anxiety because i know i shouldn't think a certain way or feel so uptight and edgy but deep down i just feel that way. Years of listening to my own lying thoughts embedded deep into me, deep grooves that spark intense feelings that come naturally. Surface knowledge is drowned out by instinctive fear and innate panic. I also know that those habits must be replaced by new habits of thinking and beliefs need changed to reflect the truth.

Almost all thoughts when anxiety arises are not true. Almost all fears are never realised. Putting all thoughts aside, the killer lie of anxiety is simple and it's the most powerful one to realize because if you realize it, no thoughts can harm you, no matter how spun out you get...

'I cannot handle the sensations of fear panic and anxiety in my body' - (LIE!)

How many of you are afraid of thoughts?

But how many of you are afraid of the reaction, that pulsating fire of anxiety burning inside you? That's what people fear most, the feeling, the reaction.

If you never felt that, it wouldn't matter what your mind was saying to you at all. If you felt peaceful, yet still had thoughts of others judging you or seeing your flaws or whatever makes anxiety arise for you, then you would ok. If you knew you could handle that feeling, you could laugh at the thoughts knowing within that it simply didnt matter.

We know that what we think creates how we feel, but sometimes we unconsciously feel the way we do through years of unconscious mental programming. So a realization that you can handle those sensations is a truth that is worth expanding on. I guess it's why exposure therapy works so well.

Another quesion is: what do you do with all those frantic thoughts when you FEEL anxious?
The answer is NOTHING. They are not real, they arise from the lying anxious mind. The ridiculous assumptions, the over exaggerated analysis etc. You instead focus on the realization that you can handle the feeling of anxiety, it then simply matters little about what you are thinking because you know that whatever you are thinking is not based on the truth. So you simply let them go and concentrate on knowing deep within that you can handle it inside yourself. The storm of thoughts slowly fade, the anxious feeling becomes more and more bearable. Courage and confidence builds.

I never listen to those thoughts anymore, it's all lies, based on years of listening to lies. It's difficult because it's so ingrained but it's all lies.

Why believe those lies?

If you know the truth, why not believe in it instead?
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