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I'm really stressing out right now. It's like 4 days till I have to re-enroll in college and I'm wondering how I'm going to cope.

I have to resit my GCSE's since appendicitis made me miss all my exams back in Summer 2010. I enrolled in the college for late September 2010, I had lessons about 3 days a week but attended less and less until I completely stopped going in about early November.
I loved the actual lessons so much, it was just the whole social aspect of it all that made me dread going there. Since I was no longer legally required to attend education, anxiety took it's toll and I just got a bus pass in the mornings, got on the longest bus route and literally just sat at the back and rode buses to pass the time.
I couldn't stay at home since my Mum thought I was going to college. Eventually though she found out that I wasn't going when the college got in touch and she just wasn't happy at all and she's been putting a lot of pressure on me ever since and it's hard to try and tell her what's really going on.
I never went out socially during school because I'd get so anxious, but ever since starting college and getting some sort of independence, I feel as if I've just hit rock bottom what little social life I had is nonexistent now. Don't go out for months at a time and even then it's just to like the shops or a friends house. I spend all night awake since my brother or sisters friends are usually here in the day, so 90 percent of my time is spent in my room. I don't know how I'm going to go from this lifestyle I've been living for a year and a half to actually living in a matter of days.

I just want to know how other people have coped with situations like this.
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