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Good job on overcoming your SA!

Think about all the great things that you have accomlised by overcoming most of your SA- all the new people you can talk to and all the new friends you have. Think about all these sucesses instead of beating yourself up over the things you cannot yet accomplish perfectly.

No one pattern of behavior is a fundamental part of your personality- things can change. As you get more and more comfortable around people, the tiredness you feel in social situations will most likely lessen. I know that as I am overcoming my anxiety, social situations feel a lot less draning.

Even if you still continue to feel a little anxiety in social situations, it does not really matter. The only time that becomes a bad thing is when you avoid doing things you truly want to do because of this anxiety. A little anxiety from time to time is not a bad thing at all.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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