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Is there anyone else here who feels like me?:

I have made enough progress in overcoming SA that I can talk to people, make regular friends, and generally hide my SA. In short I can act like a 'normal' person.

However, I still want to hide at times and over analyze social situations. Friends make me tired and I feel like if there were a way to take a couple of months off from them I would (not because they have done anything wrong, it's just me).

I don't want to be medicated or go to a therapist. I think that this is just me and I have come to where I accept it. I feel like I have made nearly all the improvement that I am going to make and this is just as far as my social skills are capable of going. Some people are naturally good with people but I am not. I have progressed to being socially capable but I know that I will never have tons of friends or be that person who can make friends with anyone. And all this is okay. Well maybe a bit disappointing, since originally I thought my SA was holding me back but have come to realize that it is actually my temperment that will never allow me to be some sort of social master.

Unfortunately, society is not based on people like us. You can't call in to work "socially anxious" for a month or two. You can't take a spring break from friends. I wish that society was more understanding/accepting of my perosonality type.

I think that I might improve a (small) bit more but the primary reason that I like coming to this forum is for a sense of not being alone. For most of my life I had no idea what SA was and am very happy to find that there are others like me.

Is anyone with me?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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