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There’s times when I am extroverted and S.A. free and today happened to be one of those days and it was fantastic :yay.

First I talked to my new boss (my old one is on vacation) and we talked for a while and then she invited me to eat lunch with her. I ended up making good conversations and it wasn’t awkward at all. She said she would write me a good letter of recommendation afterwards. Then not having much to do (as an intern) I chatted with random people on my floor out of the blue and made some new friends. Afterwards I chatted with a random guy outside while picking up some snacks who said he noticed me around and also happens to speak somali even though he’s european. We talked for about 30 minutes

And the biggest shocker happened to be when two male interns who I sort of know but kinda always felt awkward around saw me looking bored in my office and visited me and talked with me for about an hour and a half about everything. Given that I am terrible and absolutely scared of guys in general I was so surprised that I felt comfortable and at carefree. One of them came back and hour later and stayed another hour but then I felt uncomfortable because he started to flirt with a little too much. At the end of my day he said he wanted to keep in contact with me and gave me his number and asked if I wanted to go and grab a bite which I refused lol :um.

Anyway I feel on top of the world today. I’ve accomplished so much in one day by overcoming S.A. than in a year. This feeling I get is so short lived and I’m probably going to go back to my usual depressive, angry, standoffish, awkward self :(. There’s days where something just clicks in my head but they are so rare which makes me depressed because I love feeling this way :(.
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