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RPGs Natuk / Nahlakh / PoTWS / Avernum Series / ADOM / +more

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Conquest of Elysium II / Dominions: Priests, Prophets, and Pretenders / Escape Velocity: Nova

First of all, I just wanted to recommend some of my favorite shareware rpgs. And secondly, has anyone played any of these?

Brief Desc. and links:

Natuk / Nahlakh / Pirates of the Western Seas / Tower of Darkness = All games by a guy named Tom Proudfoot, he disapeared a couple years back to go work on same game called combat leader, but he left behind some freaking awesome rpgs. And he released PoTWS as shareware too, so go download it.

Avernum 1,2,3 Blades of Avernum, Exile's, Geneforge 1,2,3, and Nethergate = All great rpgs by Spiderweb Software ( Blades of Avernum and Blades of Exile are both scenario driven engines too, so people have made LOTS of great additional scenarios you can play, and you can keep your party you used in the premade adventures.

Ancient Domaines of Mystery = The greatest rougelike ever made. If you don't know what a rougelike is there is additonal info on the site. But usually it's a game represented on ASSCI graphics, rpg, and freaking deeper than any rpg out on the market today in terms of what you can do in a game. I mean, crissake, you can wish for Glod and have a small dwarf fall on your head!

Conqeust of Elysium II (I don't know the story on what happened to the first one) and Dominions 1, 2 = Games by illwinter (Formerly Bogus Game Design) Huge Armies of Many types of units, Gigantic Battles, Super-powered "pretender" gods (that be you), Really tiny fun graphics for battles, lots of magic, magical items w/ cool effects, tons of kingdoms, tons of mods, damn goodness.

Escape Velocity: Nova = Space based RPG'ish game. Really FREAKING COOL. Lots of mods. Lots of ships, Lots of upgrades, lots of missions, hrm. Just go try it. Originally for the mac, thank ze havens they converted it.

Okay! That's it for now. These games or their earlier counterparts have kept me going for years, hope you all enjoy them.

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Remember Avernum and Geneforge getting goods reviews in Computer Gaming magazine... I tried out one of them, and the graphics were just to stale for me... I need a good balance between graphics and content... otherwise my ADD kicks in and get I get bored :lol
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