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Risk Factors that lead to SA

-being born into a family with a lot of siblings, five or more,
-being the younger or close to the younger in your family,
-the fact that the same parents are actually different parents for each child,
-being born emotional, sensitive, filled with empathy and good will,
-being raised by narcissistic, abusive, toxic, emotionally immature parents,
-being raised on conditional love,
-being valued for what you do and not for who you are..
..this turns you into a human doing and not a human being,
-having your childhood innocent achievements invalidated and looked down on..
..which shames you making you believe that nothing you can do will be enough,
-having suffocating, controlling, invasive parents,
-not allowed to play outside as a child and kept prisoner of the house,
-being screamed at when asking for help which shames your vulnerability and need for help,
-being compared to your classmates by your parents..
..and compelled to compete and out perform them,
-being pressured by your parents to rank 1 in your class while all other ranks are treated as a failure,
-being pressured by your parents to have perfect scores while all other scores are treated as a failure,
-having performance/achievement oriented parents,
-not having the right as a child to criticize your parents, banter with them..
..or defend yourself against their accusations,
-being blamed for things you didn't do systematically and routinely,
-being beaten and disciplined for playing around guests..
..which makes you avoid the guests as the plague,
-having your natural interest in the opposite sex shamed by your parents..
..which prevents you from seeking relationships as an adult,
-being punished for having problems which makes you isolate..
..and makes you treat your sa and all your problems as deep shameful secrets,
-having an angry, tyrannical, abusive, obnoxious, monstrous father..
..whose presence makes the atmosphere thick, silent and poisonous,
-having godlike parents who regard themselves as perfect and demand..
..absolute obedience, adoration and worship,
-living only with your siblings and parents, no uncles no tantes, no cousins..
..who could have neutralized the godlike effect of your parents,
-being raised on absolute obedience to your parents, teachers and elders..
..having no right to defend yourself against those who are older than you,
-being severely and disproportionately punished for your childhood innocent mistakes,
-being shamed for asking questions,
-not having the right to sleepovers or school trips,
-being inhumanly screamed at having the fear of god knocked into your vulnerable fragile heart,
-being punished and humiliated in front of your siblings and put on display.

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"this turns you into a human doing and not a human being"

Video removed as it did not work.

Sorry my mind strayed... I have to say though, some of these hit pretty deep. I didn't think of all the different things.
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It sounds like the poster here is compiling that list strictly base in fine particularity on their own unique experience, situations and traumas. But is projecting it as a general list and guide that most average SA sufferers will relate to. Which is inaccurate. Sorry to hear you went through all of that if that is the case. I could relate many of them myself. But everyone will be different in terms of this.

"Things That Led to my own SA" seems like the more accurate title here.

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I’m going to close this thread because we found out that the original poster was a spammer who has also been posting the same thing elsewhere.

Like @Blue Dino said, this type of list can only be based on the individual person‘s own experiences. Not everyone will develop social anxiety from the “reasons” on the list, and it would not be possible to include every possible “reason.” Some people also develop social anxiety as a result of their genes making them more likely to be anxious people by nature.
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