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Rest is so important for anyone dealing with anxiety and stress. Our bodies were not created for intense, non-stop activity. Down time is a physical and mental requirement if we are to experience any peace in our life.

Only within the last few decades has mankind been able to travel around the world with such ease and speed. We live in an age of technology that allows us to zip around the world in a matter of hours and minutes. Supersonic jets, e-mail, Federal Express and Internet all provide avenues by which we run with such great intensity.

That's why I've started implementing what I call the "sabbath principle". I'm not talking about the ceremonial Sabbath as required by Jewish Law. No, what I'm referring to is simply an appointed time of rest--a sabbath time of rest. Whether or not you observe the Biblical Sabbath is completely between you and God.

As for the "sabbath principle", I'm trying each day to set aside appointed times of rest. Between breakfast and lunch, a 15-minute sabbath. Between lunch and dinner, another 15-minute sabbath. Then, when I get home from a busy day at work, another sabbath.

After working all week and getting all my personal chores done on Saturday, I take a daily sabbath. Sunday is our family day with no chores, no responsibilities, no distractions. We just eat and sleep and occasionally go out and do family things. It is day of rest.

I still get overwhelmed with things at work and miss my appointed times of rest, only the face the consequences of anxiety and stress later. But, I'm learning more and more just how important these sabbaths are.

We are adaptive creatures. God created us that way. When exposed to a hot or cold environment, we adapt. When walking outside into the bright sunlight, our eyes adapt. But, adaptability also has a down side. When faced with a deadline or tense situation, we wind ourselves up pumping more adrenaline in your bodies. This speeds up our thinking, making us more productive and efficient. We meet the demand. But in most cases, we never take time to wind down and recover. Rather, we adapt to this level of intensity. Then, when faced with another project, another deadline, another tense situation, we wind ourselves up again pushing our body and mind to the brink of overload.

We must take time to slow down and rest. We must give our minds and bodies the needed time to recover. If not, we will burn out and overheat just like an engine pushed to its limits. This week, I encourage you to implement the sabbath principle into your life. Set aside some time to rest. Schedule it if you have to. Take time to be still before the Lord and enjoy the peace he has waiting for you.

"May the LORD grant that each of you will find rest..." (Ruth 1:9a).

Prayer: Father, help me slow down. Help me rest in you, for you are my life. Give me the wisdom to know when I am pushing myself too hard. I choose this week to rest in you.


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That's good. I am such a believer in rest. I see my friends push it too hard and I worry about it. Not getting enough rest can cause health problems too. Interesting, the Scriptures talk about resting up.
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