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I've always known diet is important, but from recently experiencing how greatly it effects your moods, anxiety, and well-being is amazing.

I've always thought you need to respect your body as to how amazing your body works and how hard it works, yet I abused it with junk, depression impacted with no motivation to eat, and was just a cycle that I couldn't break out which made me feel horrible throughout the day.
Anyway, all this may be sounding strange but it really made me think. The last few weeks I've been stuck in another depressed episode, my anxiety has been unbelievably higher than ever before, and I had to do something about it naturally as I've always believed diet is really the most important aspect for gaining control.

I have honestly found myself more talkative, not feeling as tired - even when I'm most anxious, I don't get fatigue as much, and surprisingly I'm recovereing from depression faster than I usually go through it. Even these are all very small doses of improvement, I can see myself controling my depression which I just need to keep telling myself to respect your body and it will respect you. Sounds tacky I know, but it works for me :p
I know this is in no way a cure to my anxiety/depression but with setting your mind to eating well, it does take a huge benefit for you to help keep you think straight.

Is this the same for anybody else or do you go through stages? What do you tell yourself?

I'd like to mention that I'm not vegetarian, but I'm not too fond of red meat which I rarely eat. What are some food substitutes for people who don't eat read meat?

Cheers, thanks for reading.
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