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Hi all , I am new to forums
I have recently been prescribed mirtazapine for depression.

I have been (mostly on) and off paraxetine for the last 10 years

At the beginning of this year I had symptoms of depression, the most troublesome was the early morning waking cycle. I was prescribed paraxetine again. Unfortunately after 2 weeks I could no longer take its initial side effects.

I tried to go it alone for 2 or 3 weeks and had a another breakdown, I was then prescribed citalopram and again could not tolerate the intitial side affects such as anxiety, insomnia and lack of appetite.

So i gave up after 2 weeks and have now been on mirtazapine for almost 3 weeks. 1 week at 15mg and now on 30mg

I tolerated it well the first few days but now I am experiencing having no emotions, low sex drive and premature ejaculation. This is getting worseI think, some odd stuff going on down there and this wont help my depression

I still feel depressed and i'm trying self help but this is proving difficult as I don't get any pleasure from anything. It has given me my appetite back and does help with sleep a little.

Should I carry on with 30mg for a while or jump to 45mg soon?

I need to see some improvement soon as i need to get back to work and also have a holiday booked abroad May 14th , i know these things take time but I am getting desperate

Thanks for your time


PS * Whats it like with alcohol? Ive heard mixed things, I'm not going to drink whilst depressed but would like a beer when i am more stable
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