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And so, once again, I google things to find some sort of solution to my current frustrations. Rejection - what is it? How can I better handle rejection? Is it a normal process in dating? What can I learn from this?

Although I've come across a lot of useful and true-spoken texts in my continuous search for meaning to my frustrations, there is one I'd like to share with you: (scroll all the way down and read the last post on the page by thefool)

This gives perfect emphasis on everyday life. Life is a learning lesson. When we fall we get back up and try again or else nothing can be learned. In order to do so effectively, sometimes we must fall so much that we have no choice but to love ourselves amidst all the pain and frustration we encounter. It's almost to say, we cannot learn to love ourselves unless we fail hard many, many times. Therefore, perhaps rejection and frustration is a necessary step to encourage motivation and endurance and promote a more well-balanced and lasting confidence.

Once again, point in case: sometimes when it seems there is nothing else we can do to solve a problem, all we need to do is try another way. We learn from mistakes. We cannot be hesitant from fear or rejection because they will teach us the things we need to become stronger.

It can be taxing on our emotions to do so, but I have recently gave thought to what it is like to detach yourself from the outcome (i.e., to not care). The truth is, you will always care and be hurt from certain things, so this is inevitable. However, the beauty of our emotional turmoil is what it creates inside of us - motivation, creativity, etc.. I can't really say for sure, but for me it seems that the more rejection I go through the less I care about the outcome and the more determined I become. Therefore, in a sense, I am becoming less attached to the outcome, shaking "rejection" off, and doing so with less and less energy involved. The less emotional energy I put into dating the better off I'll be. Rejection is only as bad as you make it out to be, so don't give up and if one way isn't working for you try another way. No matter if the way is "correct" or not, you will always learn and grow from your efforts - the more the better!!

Completely unorganized, I know…
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