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Hi all,

I'm new to this website but I'm hoping to receive some support as well as give it :)

Im 22 and I've been struggling with pretty severe anxiety for about 5 years now. I feel irritable constantly and I barely have "a life" of any kind. I can deal ok with some social situations but for the most part I'm a mess. I live alone and hole myself up in my house because I don't want to be around people. My entire family tries to understand but of course they don't really get it. However, my mom is bipolar and has dealt with depression for 15+ years so she's about the only one who can relate.

My current problem is that my family thinks I should take medication. I'm extremely wary of this because I know they will put me on benzos which are very addicting. I grew up with my mom being on enough medicine to kill a horse and I swore I would try to avoid meds as much as possible. To this day she has a large mixing bowl on her bed filled with pill bottles. I refuse to let that be me. However, I'm feeling so hopeless about my anxiety lately so I don't know if I should just give meds a try.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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