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Reccomend me Meds

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Ive tried Paxil, fluvoxamine, and citalpram with no luck, Im going to ask the doctor to change me, can you guys make some reccomendations and ill go with what has the most reccomendations, or what sounds the best, and please no meds with very harsh side effects (like nardil)
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It depends on what symptoms you are trying to treat. If you are trying to focus more on ridding yourself of the physical manifestations of anxiety, beta blockers are probably the way to go or benzos. A lot of people on here have had a lot of luck with adderall or benzos like klonopin and xanax, however, it's real hard to find doctors that are willing to prescribe it and prescribe it in doses that help. Everything you've tried so far has been an SSRI, so you probably want to get away from that and try other classes. You've got SNRI's like effexor, TCA's like elavil, and many drugs that aren't approved for social anxiety but may help you depending on the person like gabapentin, welbutrin, lamital, tramadol, mirapex, ect.
Is anyone here prescribed tramadol (Ultram) for SA or any other mental disorder or know of anybody who is?

I've tried 4 out of the 5 drugs you list and none helped; not even sure what mirapex is.
They all probably won't work for most people but once in a blue moon they do. Tramadol probably won't get prescribed for a mental disorder but sometimes people who get it prescribed for pain found it to help some of the mental problems they have. Mirapex is used for restlest leg syndrome but it acts as a dopamine agonist so some people who have been prescribed it found it to help.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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