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Especially one who hasn't had a paid position that they can mention on a resume or job application.

I'm willing to take a "crap job", believe me. But it CANNOT be retail. Not anymore. Look down your nose at me for that, but if you have SA and can work with the public, great for you. But I can't do it anymore...actually, I never could. About twenty jobs in the last decade that involved public contact in some form, and the longest was fifteen months working at a library, and that was only because I got to spend more time stacking books. I went back into the same system last year doing the exact same job, and didn't last three weeks, because the nature of the job had changed so radically in ten years. Helluva lot more public contact than it used to be. Wasn't going to make it, obviously.

Believe me, I've applied everywhere short of Mickey D's and house cleaning places (no car). But just try to tell a manager at Target that you can't work cashier, and prefer to work stock, when you're a short and small-framed biochick. They don't get it. So, I didn't get that job, obviously.

Any realistic suggestions for a job, even entry level, that doesn't involve working with too many people (and especially NOT with major face or phone time) is appreciated.
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