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Real World Austin

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What do you guys think about the roomates? I like all of them except for Rachel (I'm tired of her talking about Iraq) and sometimes Nehimah gets on my nerves. But everybody else I like. I think this season might be one of my favorites.
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I'm a reality show junkie, so I'm all over it. :lol

I'm really enjoying this season. I don't know if I can say that it's my favorite though, as I really like them all. Melinda gets on my nerves with Danny. I thought she was being really selfish to act that desperate after he left. His mother DIED. Melinda shouldn't of been thinking about how she hopes he would come back, and crying every time he said he may stay home. He has/had a lot on his plate, and I felt like she was laying on the guilt trip to get him back in Austin. I like her otherwise, but that just really bothered me. I think Wes is attractive in a weird way. :hide He looks like a mini-Abe. :lol
These shows are very addicting for me. :popcorn
Yeah, that's who I'm talking about. Did you think I meant Lincoln? :lol
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