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random work thoughts..

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i don't expect very many posts with this thread..

but that's okay.. it's for everyone that works and just need a place to just post whatever's on their mind.
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My company hired a new person in my the end of the year/holiday time no less. I regrettably agreed to help train. That would mean me going to the office in person, which I didn’t mind doing. It is the training itself that made me nervous…I’m not good at explaining things since I have my own weird/OCD way of doing things and I also do not have the patience…especially now. Well, I worked through that as best I could and arranged for a ride in (I don’t drive) only to have my boss cancel at the last minute.

I avoided several attempts by her to reschedule it but eventually she pinned me down and I rescheduled it. But I can’t do it now…my mental health is a trainwreck right now and I have zero…and I mean zero patience…for anyone or anything. Plus, I’ve been off for a few days and need to catch up with my own work especially since I am on a tight month end deadline.

I’ve already used the “I can’t find a ride” excuse so have to come up with something else. I was thinking of just a vague “personal reasons” line or using the month end deadline as an excuse. I don’t care if it gets me in trouble or causes an issue…I can’t do it right now and never should have agreed to it in the first place. It shouldn’t be my responsibility.
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Things are going to come to a head at work sooner than later because this way of doing things isn’t sustainable in the least. This whole situation has been handled poorly right from the start and has made my already poor motivation and effort get even worse. I am literally doing the barest of bare minimum required. And I realize that if I had been a little more uh, helpful or a “team player”, things may have gone a little smoother. But I have done that in the past…and it didn’t go well…not going down that road again. Other people can deal with the mess and will eventually figure it out somewhere down the road.
I received a large batch of work right at the end of the month on top of all the other work I already had and I am expected to get it all done on a strict deadline. I asked for a a couple hours of OT this weekend but was told by my boss that she isn’t “allowed” to approve any overtime. 🙄 This is an example why I don’t care nearly as much as I should and will continue to not go above and beyond what is required of me. I could have easily gone through the large report and made it easier to work through on my own time (I do nothing but shop and sit on social media allweekend) but there is no freaking way I am doing it on my own time.

It is unrealistic that I will get everything done by the deadline (especially since more work is likely to come in before it) and again, I don’t care as much as I should. It isn’t my fault my company is poorly run, disorganized and terrible at communicating.
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