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random work thoughts..

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i don't expect very many posts with this thread..

but that's okay.. it's for everyone that works and just need a place to just post whatever's on their mind.
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I'm going to miss this place when I'm gone. The length of this temp job was just long enough not to completely wear out the honeymoon phase. I think this is the lure of job hopping.
off work, and playing getting ready to try out playing tennis.

i'm glad i have a care free type SO.. The other guy i was with was constantly talking or dreading work even when he was off for a couple of weeks.

He'd have his pager on, even during his vacation. One day we were in Palm Springs - on vacation - and he missed a page. (he picked a cheap hotel - that boasted a "swimming pool" which the owners filled with sand, and we ate at SubWay Sandwiches - which to him was like eating at Tavern on the Green or something)..

He finally saw the missed page, and was mad as hell. We drove from Palm Springs back to San Diego that very day. He sat there by the phone afterwards- for the last week and a half waiting for the to call him again. which they didn't..

yet, he complained every night of how much he hated that job..

Funny, after i left him, every time a British or Australian man would try to get into a relationship with me, i kept them at a distance..

Lesson learned, for me they make great friends, but lousy lovers..
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I'm getting really comfortable at my job. I never thought I'd say that..
I don't think this slave labor thing is working out, but I mean what can you do. :/ In reality, I should be glad/happy? there are people who actually do the work that this corporation sells for only pennies a day.
back to work tomorrow.

the manager and our lead P.A., have brought on board a new sonographer. they didn't allow the rest of us to meet her, or anything.

She'll mostly will take call, so i hope i don't have to deal with her. Hell, she's the lead P.A.s "bestie"..

gawd.. i wonder if SHE goes through the damn trash too, looking for s*** to accuse people of later..

more drama..
My supervisor is a pretty meek/timid individual. I suspect he also has social anxiety issues.. He makes me look like a 'social butterfly' in comparison.

I feel for the guy. I also get annoyed with him. Especially when there is a issue, it's not him that ever address things to me.

Fortunately for him, he's intelligent and a good problem solver.
There's a cute girl in the bakery that comes in the morning. :)
That soundtrack is stuck in my head now, song after song just memorized by heart. I wonder if they play it mesmerize the people and mentally enslave them under corporate policy and ideology.
Why'd you have to be such a *****? She was the best thing that happened to this place and now because of you she's gone. If your plan was to make us all miserable, it's working.
The chick from India. Always bickering. Always..

well, i don't find it hard to believe that you're telling everyone at work that you keep me and the co-workers at a distance. That you have nothing to do with us. As if we are the bane of your very existence..

Then when you need updates on the monthly meetings you ask me - the very one you can't seem to stand for information. At first i told you what went on in the meeting. Then you had to read the minutes to make sure i wasn't lying - then you went to the managers office (on the sly) to verify the minutes from the meeting.

i figured you out.

Today you walk in trying to be friendly. I like it the way it is. You being hostile. and me, just doing my job and going home. Go get hostile with the local pit bull or something.
Then you want information about the schedule changes. I look dead at you and say: "Go talk the manager".. (hell you're going to do it anyway)

Sure enough, old withered-as**s can't get to the manager's office fast enough..

It's locked.

She calls her, the manager doesn't pick up. She leaves a voicemail.

the manager calls her back later, she then proceeds to argue with the manager. Manager hangs up.

Now dumb dumb has to wait until Tues. to argue with someone else.. She's learned very quickly to leave me the hell alone.
i have Monday's off for 3 weeks in july, and 3 weeks in August.

This is great.
What to do on my week off...
damn, have to take my ACLS renewal exam.

It's for those "Code Blue" problems we have at work.. Granted the doctor - radiologist won't "jump in".. no they send me in whenever they page it overhead, instead.

I just help with the compressions/meds/crash cart. the ER docs are at center stage on those things. Too many people get in the way..
it's so funny how a person with an MD can smoke screen millions of people.

They put an MD behind their name, and people trust them immediately, especially if they are good looking and young. and they have no idea what these "elitists" REALLY think.

The ones doing the real work are just "insignificant, or irrelevant"..

another observation:

funny, how the rich white patients will invite a DOCTOR over for dinner, and they will go - hell, right after work!

yet, the average Joe Blow asks a doctor over for dinner, and they are reprimanded or told flat-out, they don't compromise patient/doctor relationship.

The doctor is "gushing" when a rich white patient invites him over for golf, country club privileges, horse back riding, come out to their ranch, etc.

A poor pueblo person or a lower class white person offers their best, and they are rejected immediately to the point of vehemently. The doctor behind the scenes is talking about how disgusted/offended he feels when those "dirty" people ask him over to "eat their slop".

Some doctors/surgeons i have referred to their patients as Chamayo Pigs. or Pueblo Dogs, or Trailer Trash. But will gladly take their insurance money or even better - if they pay in cash.

these are mexicans, pueblo indians, blue-collar whites and other native americans. I think they are honest, hard working citizens, just as my ancestors were.

Granted, i am not a fan of how i am treated by the mexicans or the navajo tribes here? But i am respectful towards them. (Well, unless someone crosses me, and that's basically any culture)..

but i am so amazed at how they simple worship that fat white god in the white lab coat - who holds them in absolute disdain and contempt..
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My temp job officially ended yesterday and I have no regrets about taking it. Great experience for me, and made my experience here in Montreal. When I arrived, only a few potential employers who haven't even met me in person knew I existed. Now a group of lovely folks who have gotten to know me the past 5 weeks know I exist :)

I don't care how much anyone belittles me for being so overjoyed about what seems like a humble experience. It means a lot to me, and I hold my own values higher than anyone else's.

I literally consider doing this everyday while at work.

I've only been in this position about two months now, but I'm kinda sick of it. I'm not going to quit, I just wish it didn't feel like it was melting my brain. I can't wait to be back in school.
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I literally consider doing this everyday while at work.

I've only been in this position about two months now, but I'm kinda sick of it. I'm not going to quit, I just wish it didn't feel like it was melting my brain. I can't wait to be back in school.
too damn funny!!

Same thing in Hospitals.

I was working in Las Vegas and this female gets on the elevator with us.

Not even an "excuse me," or nothing. She just looks at me and demands:

Where's room 435!!

The elevator door opened and before i left i said: On the 4th floor.

and walked out..

Everyone on the elevator burst out laughing before the door closed.
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I just... no. Don't. I. No. Ugh. No. Need intravenous chocolate. :blank
I can't wait for the day when I show up and the building is in flames. Preferably with the DM and about %90 of my coworkers still inside.

You don't know hell until you work in retail management. I'd rather be breaking rocks in the hot sun all day with no food or water.

I'm at the point where every customer question sounds like nails on a chalkboard and it's getting harder and harder to resist the urge to kill them.
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