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random work thoughts..

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i don't expect very many posts with this thread..

but that's okay.. it's for everyone that works and just need a place to just post whatever's on their mind.
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I'll share the easy way to do something but I won't force you to do it that way. Thanks for the entertainment though! :3
I'm so done with my job. I hate this client. He keeps rejecting the "product." And he gets all chicken little emotional about it in all his numerous emails. He complains of various things I have no control over. The manager is new to this client too. It's a big cluster-f***.

I'm so done. I got to find a new job. If I was making a lot of money maybe I could tolerate it but I'm not, so.

This is one of the ones I inherited from Ms. Sarcastic Smartypants. Man, did she suffer a lot. She's probably so happy to be gone. Still think this is her revenge on me. Don't think she liked me or she could tell I didn't like her. She was the one that suggested which clients of hers should go to which coworker.
Looks like we're getting bought out in only 2 months. The pay and benefits are supposed to get much better. It's like getting a better job without doing anything. That's my favorite way.
So glad that my employer thinks that having a “spirit week” of dressing up in different themes (all of which are lame by the way) is going to boost morale and make things better. Uh I don’t think so. Especially when there are some people here in the office who go out of their way to be unfriendly and miserable. I don’t really care about my work right now and this is not going to make me care!

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Looks like we lost the new girl.
More people, but feeling more depressed and like I can't keep up with my own goals...
Totally uninterested in working today...moreso than usual. I am tired of the monotony of the job and the little responsibility I have plus there is a big story locally happening this morning that is much more interesting than my boring job. On the phone way too much today reading stuff!

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I have to stay till 2am next Thursday for a training class apparently.....great.
That interview is done. I can relax this weekend. I'm glad I got the manager and district manager together.
Building a few of these at work. :grin2:

Cad video

and a vid of one running in the field
Yep till 1:30 am
I hope my coworkers don't think I'm selfish since I never work extra.
can barely disconnect from work when i'm off work... LAMSODAKSKD!
my company had a retreat to dubai for the weekend and since I'm new and still on probation I didn't go. That meant I had friday and monday as 'work from home'. Except i haven't been given any work so far (it's been 3 weeks lol), except when they ask me to do something.

Just sad my long weekend is coming to an end.
Nice! I used to work for a real life version of Michael Scott...that was fun times!

Each day I grow more fustrated with this place...for many reasons. The time is rapidly approaching that I need to say something to my idea how to do it though. Will probably be a spur of the moment type thing

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kinda like that, but worse, and every day.:smile2:
Ugh the class will require participation......praying for the best.
Ugh I seriously want to punch her in the face. I'm to the point where I can't even pretend to like her or be polite in person anymore. I'm fake af so that requires a really special type of person.

During one of my reviews, after they told me how my performance was... they asked me if I had any complaints or advice for them or management. The only thing that popped in my head was her. She's been here way longer than me and also is somehow close to a bunch of people so it would just end badly for me if I complained.

Need to transfer asap so I don't answer to her anymore.
I really identify with the sitting fox. That's how I feel every weekday morning.

I look like the guy with dark circles under his eyes.

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