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random work thoughts..

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i don't expect very many posts with this thread..

but that's okay.. it's for everyone that works and just need a place to just post whatever's on their mind.
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I was meant to get a login for this thing according to the robots that hired me. no human has said anything. I got an email from payroll but I had the alternative to just reply with my details. I wonder if they'll get angry that I havent logged in and updated my details. angry robots are kind of scary. i was quite worried about having to ask about login because I'm pretty sure my manager wont know. avoidance strategy seems to be working though, I feel better. it's their responsibility to sort out these things anyway. not my fault the robots aren't communicating with the humans properly.
I don’t know what to make of work lately, I seem to annoy my boss a lot recently which I assume is why I was shorted shifts, luckily I’ve been asked to cover two shifts which makes up the difference for me financially. Also, annoying shift today with the knocking over of the cans for the depot and the breaking of a bunch of Budweiser bottles...still, could’ve been worse than the two cases, however, having to tape up the other six cases isn’t great regardless of the fact the bottles themselves not being broken
Paycheck is ok but need to find ways to make extra cash.
I am so fed up with every aspect of my job right now. Such a depressing place to be. My prior job has its issues and the boss was nuts but I would rather be back there than where I am now because there at least I was busy, actually cared about the work and even though the boss was nuts as I said, I know she appreicated my work and I was nicey compensated for it. Now I spend much of the day on my phone because I don’t have much to do and the work I do have I really don’t care about. This company does nothing for me so why should I knock myself out for them.

*sorry for the rant, it has been a really crappy few days and I needed to vent*

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Actual email from someone inquiring about my services...

So I told him to find someone else.

Leverage is great. I love being in a position to tell people with attitude problems to shove it. 3 years ago I would've had to deal with this crap. Not any more.
Niiiice. 8)

I give customers a slight attitude back if they're giving me an attitude. So far no assistant managers have pulled me aside to have a talk about it. xD
*sorry for the rant, it has been a really crappy few days and I needed to vent*
you're in the right thread and should feel no guilt.
I wish they would stop cancelling work for snow. I know it's safer for everyone, but it makes it impossible to plan anything. I've rescheduled something twice already, and now I'm going to have to reschedule it yet again.
I think there's some communcation issues between me and a coworker...
Today I found an issue with some data, I was telling my coworker what I thought the issue was, and was he confusing me... eventually I think figured out what I meant, and told me too look further into it.
The thing is that, there was nothing more to really look at, as there was really only one cause of the issue. I only asked this coworker because he would know whether some other process would have affected the data.

So I left for lunch, and the other guys found out the what the issue was, which was exactly what I thought it was.

So we had to think of a solution, and now it's off my hands...
In a matter of days I have gone from b*tching about having to drive everyday to b*tching about having to walk everyday. :lol

I wish I had my car here with me. :serious: I miss you car. :heart
Mom met my coworker tonight.....again.
I'm pooped. Haven't had a three day weekend since New Year's. I'm taking tomorrow off. Only using 4 hours of PTO since I've worked 36 hours in 4 days.

Just so exhausted. January is a very rough month in my department. February is not as bad but still rough and it's made worse because there are only 28 days to finish everything.

With Ms. Sarcastic Smartypants gone the workload is pretty bad. We (people in the same role as me) all took 1-3 of her assignments. I kind of got lucky since they allowed me to offload 10 of my little assignments to these 2 other women who do other roles but seem to have lots of free time.* Then again I got 2 of the nastiest, most demanding clients from Ms. Smartypants.

I know they are doing interviews now to find a new person. Then my coworkers (and maybe me too) can offload some assignments to the new person. Too bad it takes 1 full month of training to get a new person (even one with plenty of experience in the field) to have any idea of what they are doing since it's a very niche industry. Three months for them to even feel mildly comfortable. I know my first 2 months were horrible and I had no idea what I was doing.

*hehehehe...bit of favoritism. I'm friends with #2 in charge, Ms. Always Absent/Always Late. We are both night owls and stay until pretty late when most everyone else is gone. She probably told the head of the department to cut me some slack.
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By the time i get here to post i have usually forgotten what i was gonna say.

Oh i remember...

Has anyone ever done that work at home tech support job where they route the support calls right to your phone wherever you are?
Come March 7th I'll have been with the present company I work at for a year! :boogie
Niiiice. 8)

I give customers a slight attitude back if they're giving me an attitude. So far no assistant managers have pulled me aside to have a talk about it. xD
Some people think that being the customer means they get to make snide, passive-aggressive remarks and be generally disrespectful. Doesn't always work like that.
**** this hell.
you're in the right thread and should feel no guilt.
Thanks! Yesterday was rough plus I was feeling crummy also. Doing a bit better today.

Sometimes it is the little things than can be most annoying in an office setting. No one in my office seems to know how to refill the paper in the copier, feels like everytime I go to print, it is empty, ugh!

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I’m only getting two shifts a week now, confirms my thought that my boss is trying to force me out, time to revise my resume & possibly apply for provincial assistance. Not looking forward to either at all, job hunting sucks *** and I always have to factor in that I don’t drive, not to mention going to apply for handouts...
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