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random work thoughts..

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i don't expect very many posts with this thread..

but that's okay.. it's for everyone that works and just need a place to just post whatever's on their mind.
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Switched from day shift to swing shift in the middle of the week. Having zero luck changing sleep schedule, not sure how I'm functioning right now. Still one day of OT left hopefully I can make it.
Oh another store? Liquor store? I don't work at a store anymore but its rough at any job.
Yeah, another liquor store
Will find out this week if I got the job, will be a career defining moment if I do, fingers crossed.
For some reason I thought you worked at a bar before.
With my social skills I'd get crucified nightly working in a bar...
Anyone work on Sunday's? Going in soon... not that it matters what day it is in my life.
Hope I'm able to take 2 days off when my family leaves for a week in August.
Actually had a conversation with another driver as we left the building to go home. Thats a first
Not happy with myself got to do better.
I wonder how long I can go without doing anything before my supervisor notices...
That list of 100+ unreviewed transactions in Quickbooks that I've been putting off for the past couple of weeks isn't getting any smaller.
I don’t understand such discrepancies, how is it possible to be over so much every shift?
It was busy tonight phew.
Need to try for another day for my PTO hmm
Agreed. I'm sure you could get by with writing the first letter and then scribbling the rest.

I've never understood the point of using a signature, anyway. Is it really going to hold up in court? Do they catch fraud using signatures that don't match? Sometimes my signatures don't match, so how can they know if it was me or someone else?
Even a scribble has a uniqueness to it that can be tracked and analyzed.
That's one of the weird things about my new place, when they do an electronic signature instead of a scanned image of their signature they just use the old /s/ italic of the name. Like I don't think that's gonna fly if anyone ever gave a **** about service, but whatever we still get our responses.
It was packed tonight....made the night go by fast though.
"Hey make a logo for me plzzzzzz I'm famous on Instagram I can give you lots of exposure!!"

So I check his page and he literally has 24 followers.
Day one of the work week done and I'm already halfway to my 40 hours for the week. Guess they'll have to deal with paying me some overtime this week...just one week after I was told to really make more effort to not have so much overtime (although I guess this is a holiday week, which means no overtime I think).
Really hope I'll have enough PTO for one more off day that week.
7 hours of sleep is not enough. Who invented mornings anyway. What alien life form loves waking up 6 a.m??!?! (I know, I know: they're extremely productive people) but my initial respond is to think "Why, you're, you're crazy...all of you! This isn't real! Get away from me! Ahhhhhhhhhh *runs off into the bright rising sun*
4161 - 4180 of 7043 Posts