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random work thoughts..

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i don't expect very many posts with this thread..

but that's okay.. it's for everyone that works and just need a place to just post whatever's on their mind.
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Its going to be so cold Saturday I pray I'm not outside.
so glad i left the medical field.

I know for a fact that they would have had my as** called in for routine exams. 99% of those patients show up because they are lonely over the holidays.

I do remember a young, pudgy, rich guy that showed up at on New Years Eve faking "chest pains"..

At 12:00 he looked at all of us as we were working up his cardiovascular protocol and said: "Actually, i'm fine. I just had no one to be around on New Years, and thought i'd show up here. At least everyone's nice.."

The contempt on the nurse's, physicians faces was something i'll never forget..
It is generally a good idea to have backup/contingency plans in case of a system crash. Clearly, this is not the case with my employer as I have been out of work the last 3 days and had 2 half days of cleaning the office and dumb team building activities. Can’t wait to see how low morale is going to be when we return especially since it appears we are going to either be forced to make up all the time missed or use a decent chunk of next year’s vacation time as no one has any left for this year.
For the past couple weeks I've been eating so much candy, cookies, and other snacks that are in the kitchen at work. Various vendors send our company Christmas gifts to bribe us.
We have been getting cookies all week! customers keep bringing them in by the plate full! It's hard to be motivated to work when the smell of freshly made cookies reaches your desk, temptations... :crying:
Finally it is over. The marathon is over. I won't be back at work until January 2nd. Next week is all paid time off.

I guess I have been getting faster. I finished everything 1 1/2 days early. I wanted to do some stuff that had been sitting on the back burner. Unfortunately, my coworkers caught wind of my finishing early (saw that there wasn't much paper on my desk) and they asked me to help with some of their work. Didn't ask me to help with too much though, so I was able to complete most of the back burner stuff.
Im so glad i have 4 days off. Weird how they don't tell anyone what days they're having off until the day before. No one ever seems to know what's going on around there. This is the most bizzare place I've worked at.
Parental unit 2: "Mat...what's wrong? You're staggering!"

Me: "It's Friday..."

Yeah...I gotta find a place of my own lol.
Potluck went ok :)
It was kinda weird that the only white people on the shift were the only ones to volunteer to stay over. :serious:
Its way too cold for me to be outside, I won't make it. I hope not...fingers crossed.
There was this girl that came through the casino the other day. Every guy was like damn, she had a short white dress on and guys were going crazy. What they didn't know was that this girl was actually a guy. We had checked her ID......"Marvin" also had broad shoulders and a deep voice. I'm pretty sure she pulled something that night.
******* stretched the truth. They hired over 1k people and told us it was contract to hire but they only hire a few and the rest go on furlough. Should have done my homework before I quit my previous job for this one.
I'm still in shock how long I've lasted at this job.
I'm still in shock how long I've lasted at this job.
lol, that's how i feel about my current job.

i'm afraid to work some place else because i feel like there's a good chance i wouldn't last very long, lol.
lol, that's how i feel about my current job.

i'm afraid to work some place else because i feel like there's a good chance i wouldn't last very long, lol.
I'm just grateful because I know how it was 2yrs ago for me. Eek! If I would get fired today I'll be proud of myself for lasting so long :).
Looks like I'm now going to have a bunch of Russian junk mail to accompany all the Chinese junk mail I already get.

I'd like to know the thought process behind why someone would try soliciting people in a completely different language with completely different symbols and characters. What response other than "Mark as Junk" do they think could possibly happen? I know it's probably bots doing this, but you think they'd have the foresight to make sure their bots are scraping pages in their native language.
Hoping sister can stay a little longer so I don't have to struggle with rides as much.
Looks like I have more PTO left than I thought hmm.
gotta go to window school Jan. 8th for the post office so I can work in the retail offices. just can't escape those dang customers. :wife
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