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random work thoughts..

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i don't expect very many posts with this thread..

but that's okay.. it's for everyone that works and just need a place to just post whatever's on their mind.
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I've been feeling so irritable and useless at work lately. I do my work, but feels like no one cares about what I do. Also feels like no one wants my help. I especially don't feel like an assistant manager. Sucks.
Interview in DC tomorrow... :afr :clap
You'll do got that internship, right? So, you'll keep doing fine.
Interview in DC tomorrow... :afr :clap
Good luck to you :smile2: Hope it goes / went well.
Sometimes at work lately all I do is ******** win. I'm taking the wins while I can get them lol.

My boss' boss just sent out a PowerPoint to our biggest client and....there are four other sales managers on my team, but half the pics were mine.

I don't feel like I win in life very often lol. But I'll take 'em when I can get 'em. This was a huge win.
I messed up so much at work tonight...ugh.
Got called quiet at work tonight, what's new....sigh.
Working deli is good for me cause it forces me to talk to people. I've been feeling less afraid of everyone lately.
Look on the bright side, at least some of you have a job lol.

I am still jobless at the moment. :(
Oh sorry, I didnt realise I would need superhuman speed for this job. Oh and thanks for making me- late by not telling me I had to be in until the last minute.
I hate closing then opening, it's like you never left and I'm tired as all hell
I hate closing then opening, it's like you never left and I'm tired as all hell
I remember those days.....rough.
Hmm hrs looking good this week, I'm not complaining.
kinda dreading work tomorrow cause some ding dong forgot to place a truck order so tomorrow we will literally have almost no food and it's gonna be wacky. i dunno how i'm gonna keep busy for 8 hours with nothing to prep and probably very few dishes
ok i will probably hate driving tomorrow. also I am kind of beating myself up for turning down an interview, they don't grow on ****ing trees, because now I am stuck in my crappy dead end job still. no job is perfect, but it would have been better i bet.
Too much politics going on and I've become a part of it sadly
Tired of people doing their job half-assed and not caring about their work. My work today took twice as long to do because I had to fix so many errors. Supervisor has shown them how to do it the correct way, but I guess they just don't care because they know I will fix it. Going to either stop fixing so much so managers can see how crapppy their work is or just continue to tell my supervisor when I find mistakes.
2421 - 2440 of 7043 Posts