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random work thoughts..

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i don't expect very many posts with this thread..

but that's okay.. it's for everyone that works and just need a place to just post whatever's on their mind.
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Customers..i ****ing hate you all.
hahaha so true
Wish I could call in sick. Or not show up ever again but still get paid. :( Been dreading this all week.
did you decide against resigning?
did you decide against resigning?
Sort of. I'll definitely be quitting this year, but I'll at least try to secure another job first.
I'm a cashier how dare they ask me to go do putbacks.....ugh.
I've literally been gone 4 days and the manager that's taken over has written up two of my former coworker
Sort of. I'll definitely be quitting this year, but I'll at least try to secure another job first.
yeah, that's probably the better thing to do....a lack of or less security can be scary to deal w/.
Finished 80+hr week. Most I've ever worked.
Just a few weeks ago I wasn't working at all.
Exhausted but having trouble sleeping. I don't know if I can keep this up.
Hmm you're the head manager but you don't know how to do everything on the register? Hmm ok.
no phone calls yet today... pretty sure the phones are broken because they reset some network on Friday but *I'M* not going to say anything!!
We're supposed to be getting 2 skids today of stock. I guess the Christmas bombardment is beginning. There's so much new stuff coming in, but no where to put it, because we haven't started our transfer out of old stuff. Problem is, we have no where to store the transfer because we keep getting so many trucks. This is why I am stressed at work.
Big thanks to our Area Sales Manager (aka my old manager) for NOT reminding us about the managers meeting tomorrow. Thankfully I don't need to attend, but my new manager does and now she is scrambling. And I need to come up with quotes or experiences based on "Engage, Train, and Make it Happen." WTF, I forget every day that has passed because I hate my life, and now I have to remember stuff. And she needs it in 3.5 hours.
I just got an email from my boss' boss, and it was good news. Thanks for the awesome job. There were pics in his email that people had taken of displays, of our product, and some of them were mine. ****** awesome. This is good news, man. I was worried earlier today because my boss was asking for tons of pics....and pics requested from vendors = they want to see what we're doing, they want to see results = they may think we're not performing, not getting results, and sales are down. That's not happening. Yes, def good news.
this job is easily one of the most boring jobs I've ever had. No wonder I was told people come and go by the supervisor. but it pays ok, and I hate that influences my decision process on working, but it does. I wish fast food payed more. At least the employees are fun to work with.
There's this dude at work who's pretty funny and surprisingly makes time go by a little faster. I'm definitely not interested in that way, but I really wish I were more sociable. He, too picked up on the unnerving vibes someone was sending me. I was like.."you too?" A nearly visible tear formed in my eye. Oh yea, and he managed to casually find out about someone's business. That was funny.
Having to tell guests no and being strict is I don't like being mean or being looked at as being mean.
^^ I'm so confused....anyways.....

I got shorted an hr on my paycheck today not sure if its a big enough deal to b*tch about it.
god I m so f-- horny

I am considering going to my car to masturbate cause this is rly distracting me from my work
what if people knew when someone fell for them?

Like, you were just laughing, or picking your nose, you didn't even think anyone saw, ...
You would probably grow centuries as far as self-confidence goes.

(relation to work: I'm thinking of david...
he laughed, didn't pick his nose...)
30 years isn't such a long time when nobody knows you at all but it's an eternity. I continually see the distinction between the "close times" (when I'd come right up to the brink of being me) and now when I'm on Mars.
@pied vert
I've been distracted. It can make one.....jittery. :eyes :stu

I wonder how many new coworkers I will meet today. :um
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