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I hate that some of the products I buy to resell take so long to ship. Seriously, if you are going to take 10 days to mail my item you should tell me that upfront.

I hate when people make a non-reasonable offer when I'm not accepting offers and am already asking a competitive price.

I hate that this lady expects a tracking number on her small item, paying for tracking on a $3 item just isn't something I'm going to do and I never said it came with tracking. If she offered to pay for tracking that would have been fine but she didn't.

I hate that I had another buyer not provide a verified address and expects me to ship her item, no way. Especially not when she has only 50% positive feedback.

I hate that I had a different buyer not send an address after 11 days. I want my inventory out of my house, I shouldn't have to hold onto it forever. Don't they want their item?

I never normally have this many problems, its just been a bad few weeks.
1 - 20 of 7021 Posts