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Random Thoughts and Observations You Had Today

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What Are You Thinking About Right Now? and Random Thought of The Day were recently merged because of how similar they were. I don’t think many people saw a difference between them, but some people might think of one as being for your current thought and one as being for a random thought you had that day.

I’m making this to replace Random Thought of The Day in a way that makes it more different to What Are You Thinking About Right Now? and it is in Just For Fun.

If you thought something weird/random like “I wonder how many drops of water it takes to fill a bath“ or “Why don’t rolls of wrapping paper have a little metal cutter like rolls of foil?” you can post it here. :)
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I don't know what in the world I did in my sleep last night but somehow my phone ended up off charge away from my charger. 😳 It was on the side of my bed not even near the outlet in the wall just laying on the floor. Lol
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Oddly enough, the entire automotive world seems to still be completely obsessed with horses. I'm surprised they didn't call the early cars "The horseless horse" instead of "The horseless carriage"
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A big truck passed me today then I noticed they slowed down and then when I caught up to them they started going faster again. Lol Usually big trucks don't pass me. :unsure:
I can't believe the price of rent in this city. My son has to look for a new place because his landlord is raising the rent to well over 600 dollars a week. That's just insane.
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What the hell? I kept hearing a banging noise last night then tonight. I turn off my AC then it sounds like its coming from my closet, I open it up and I clearly hear a banging noise. It stops a few seconds after I open the door, starts again then it stopped. That's never happened before. Lol
Idk if I met a guardian of knowledge in my dream last night, but it'd definitely have helped if it didn't look like a guy in a cheap rabbit costume...
I was just going back to different parts of the site from around '13/'14 just to look at old conversations (god I was cringe, I still am I'll type something and dislike it the very next day, but god...) and I noticed SO many regulars have since been banned, I'm sure for justified reasons, but it's a little sad to see but maybe ultimately a good thing for them though.

Anyway, this is a long shot but does anyone happen to be in contact with euphoria04? We were good buddies but I don't think he gets on facebook and I lost his phone number.
Sweet, I got my state tax return yesterday. I honestly forgot about getting that one.
How am I supposed to use the bathroom with two people standing next to the bathroom with nothing but a curtain on the door? Ugh.
I've noticed over the last week several cars just parked on the side of the road with their emergency blinkers on. There was one that was a FedEx truck today with two other cars there. One just pulled over that was in front of me awhile ago. Lol That's slightly odd...
I'm only working out so I can wear a bathing suit on my trip, lol. Just kidding, there's more reasons
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Me: Circles are my favorite shape.
Bob: Ok, what's wrong with Squares then? I like Squares and so do many people here. What an offensive disgusting remark. Giving the middle finger to everyone here who loves Squares. You a horrible person. Anyone else here with me?
Bill: Good point, I'm with you Bob. What an awful person. Anyone else?
Group: Oh, oh yes! I'm with you guys. Let's out and mass shame this anti-Square person to the world.
- - -
Getting sick of Bobs here in these scenarios. Which seems to be happening more and more often nowadays.
There's this girl at my job that just randomly dances while she cleans. It happened yesterday when I told her it's time to go home. 🤣
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Damn, it was raining hard earlier. Guess we needed it recently.
A few years ago there were was that weird art installation showing what a human would need to look like to survive a car crash. Just realised who it reminds me of: Andy Farrell.
I guess I'm staying up late to watch a rocket launch.
My Venezuelan pen pal always looking like the Cheshire Cat off of Alice in Wonderland with that wide, narrow grin of hers. My Filipino nurse pen pal on the other hand has a perfect smile, and looks as if she's a model posing straight out of a women's clothes magazine.

Then we have the Chinese ex-doctor, who sometimes sends strange pictures of herself, especially of those that appear to be her younger self 🤔. I guess she is looking for some sort of validation at times, as she tends to be quite negative. I admit, I used to be more negative at first when writing to them, but I'm slowly shifting.

My Panamanian pen pal though, has only revealed part of her face about 2 weeks ago, the lower part of it. I got to see her red-painted lips, her neck... and uh, and her blonde-dyed hair of course, which was the point of the picture. That was probably a younger picture of herself as well, I know their tricks.
She seems cute, but I really couldn't care less about her looks as she's been nothing but supportive and enjoyable to talk to. I am supportive with her as well. Currently, little miss princess of defeatism really needs to go to a doctor as well after apparently dealing with a sudden blackout.

She's yet to see how I look like, but after some internal debate, I have sent a selfie of myself, one that I took while I was waiting in the clinic a few days ago. Like her, I will only show part of my face. I was wearing a beanie, mask, and even my eyes were covered with glass, so I look like a bum... I guess the part where she changes her tone with me is coming.
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