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I know I'm a new member I should probs wallow before I tell a success story, but I felt this one was a biggie.

So I am moving to <town name> to go to University, and I am terrified. Every night I couldn't sleep and every morning I couldn't eat (which has not happened since high school). It got to the point that my fiance would indulge any request for food I asked, even a take away every day for a week, just to see me eat. The trigger? I had to drive all the way up with my Dad (another trigger) and talk to a random person in an office about accomedation and (I hope you're all sitting) ask questions. I know, it's horrible.

But, this is where the triumph starts.

I managed to get to the campus without crying in front of Dad (big win) and get to the accomedation people without a panic attack (even though I got hopelessly lost). Then came the moment. I walked up to the desk and was asked by a man with very lovely tattoos if he could help. It took a second and some stuttering, but I asked to speak to an accomedation person.

The woman came over, and I explain that I had a few questions. I then proceeded to go over them like an intelligent, confident adult! I even made a joke! and she laughed! She answered all my questions, showed me where my new flat was, and we got the paperwork sorted!

I know it's not big, I know it's not special, but I did it. :boogie
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