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Researchers at the University of California Davis raisins can have the same effect of carbohydrate supplements that promote commercial stamina when making exercise.

The researchers monitored the effect of raisins runners consumed their stocks of glycogen during jogging for 80 minutes followed ran for a 5 thousand square meters.

The study conducted by researchers and published in the International Journal of society and sports nutrition that those who consume raisins or chew gum running a distance of five thousand meters a minute faster who drink only water.

The study showed that eating raisins or chewing gum increases the oxidation of carbohydrates, compared with water alone.

Said James Painter, a consultant and researcher food, from the Council of marketing for raisins in California in a statement that "Raisin is a great alternative for gum sports because it gives fiber and micro-nutrients such as potassium, iron and contains no added sugar or dyes or artificial flavors."

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Even more interestingly, if you simply swish sugar water in your mouth, and spit it out, you get a similar effect. If your body thinks it's about to take in more energy, it will be more liberal in allowing energy to be used. You feel subjectively tired well before your muscles actually physically fatigue to the point of being unable to maintain effective use, and researchers think that part of the perceived fatigue is a mechanism for energy conservation, which you can get around with simple tricks :D.
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